Trump Leads In Shocking 2024 Poll Over Biden


Like the last survey, according to the Center for American Greatness, a hypothetical presidential race in 2024 would see former President Donald Trump defeat Vice President Joe Biden by a margin of 4 points, far beyond the range of error.

The Insider Advantage poll found that respondents not only supported Trump over Biden but also wanted Republicans to dominate Congress following the November 2022 midterm elections by a 12-point margin. Republican congressional majorities after the midterm elections would be preferred by a majority of potential voters, according to polling (51 percent to 39 percent for Democrats).

It is beyond the margin of error of 3.6 percentage points to give Trump a 4-point lead over Biden in a hypothetical presidential election in 2024. This week, a poll conducted by Harvard-Harris predicted that Donald Trump would win the election by a 2-point edge, but the study did not specify the margin of error.

On the subject of his approval rating, Biden’s results in the survey were likewise mediocre. Biden’s performance is rated favorably by just 43 percent of those polled, with a majority of 54 percent disapproving and only 3 percent uncertain.

Also disliked were Biden’s political policies. According to the poll, a plurality of 45 percent of respondents supported the federal judge’s decision to halt the mask regulations on public transportation, which includes flights and trains. During Trump’s presidency, the judge, who was acclaimed as one of his nominees, received just 37% of the vote in opposition to his rulings.

The poll, conducted by Insider Advantage among 750 potential voters between April 21 and April 23, was commissioned by the Center for American Greatness and conducted by Insider Advantage. 3.6 percentage points might have been included or excluded from the poll’s margin of error.