Trump Lawyers Says DOJ Has Double Standard And Should Be Depoliticized

( Attorney Jesse Binnall, who represents President Donald Trump’s campaign in the fight for election integrity, said on December 28 that he believes the Department of Justice is politicized and applies double standards.

Speaking to Just the News AM, Binnall said that Republicans try to “bend over backwards” to appear as though they are not politicizing the Justice Department when they are in charge. Binnall said that Republicans are so afraid that they end up “sometimes not investigating or not fully investigating the crimes of the left.”

The Trump attorney also said that the Department of Justice has swept allegations of corruption and evidence of illegal activity from people on the left “under the rug” under the guise of appearing politically neutral.

If that’s the case, then it would explain a lot about William Barr and his lack of action on issues relating to election fraud.

“It’s turning a blind eye to fraud and corruption, because you’re afraid of what the media will say about that,” Binnall explained.

He even went on to blame former Attorney General William Barr for not taking sufficient action in depoliticizing the department and ensuring that investigations were evenhanded.

Binnall then explained how, when the Democrats are in control, they are significantly less cautious when it comes to politicizing the department. He said that the Justice Department won’t “play by the same rules” when the Democrats take the White House and said it will be “open season on conservatives and Republicans.”

It’s hard to believe that Joe Biden and his far-left VP pick Senator Kamala Harris won’t do everything they possibly can to attack, smear, and bog down Republicans with yet more fake investigations if they are indeed inaugurated on January 20.

“I believe the DOJ should be depoliticized,” Binnall said. “I also believe that it was a huge double standard.”

If a depoliticized Department of Justice would have ensured the public knew about the Hunter Biden investigation during the campaign, then is it likely that a Democrat-run White House would depoliticize the department?

That’s probably wishful thinking…