Trump Jr’s Girlfriend Under Fire For Daring To Charge For Her Work

( According to transcripts made public by the House committee looking into the Capitol attack (including copies of text messages), Kimberly Guilfoyle demanded payment before speaking at the rally on January 6 for former president Donald Trump.

It was widely reported that Guilfoyle, engaged to Donald Trump Jr., received $60,000 for her less than three-minute remarks at the “Stop the Steal” rally. The rally was timed to coincide with the declaration of the results of the 2020 election, which was ultimately stopped by a mob, many of whom stormed the Capitol from the rally.

In a text message to Caroline Wren, a deputy for the Trump campaign, Guilfoyle insisted her remarks would not be given away for free.

Guilfoyle wrote to Wren, “You will pay us that’s the deal so don’t even think about it.” “You’ll send the money as promised.”

According to the transcripts, Guilfoyle informed Wren that the two were “done for life” following a dispute over payment.

According to reports, Julie Fancelli, the heir to the Publix grocery store chain, gave Guilfoyle the money. At the rally, she and Donald Trump Jr. both made brief remarks.

Guilfoyle promised attendees at the rally, “We will continue to stand for President Trump, stand with them, and for this country, and we won’t let the liberals and Democrats steal our dream or our elections,” she continued.

Guilfoyle said President Trump and his extraordinary family had fought harder than any other president. And it has been a privilege to stand and fight with them. She said we have a president who is aware of what it means to support the Constitution, your rights, and the Second Amendment.

She said it gave her great pleasure to stand and battle with one of the greatest Americans she’s ever had the honor to know.

Guilfoyle delivered a 340-word speech for about two minutes and 45 seconds. She received a little more than $176.47 per word.