Trump Jr. Launches Super Pac To Help Save Georgia

( Aides of Donald Trump Jr., the son of President Donald Trump, are gearing up to launch a new super PAC with plans to help two Republican Senators protect their seats in the Georgia runoff election in January. The PAC’s formation comes at a time when Republicans are anxious about holding onto their seats, following a surprisingly high turnout for Joe Biden in the November presidential election.

Some say curiously high…

Save the U.S. Senate Pac will begin airing new commercials this week which feature Donald Trump Jr. and are designed to mobilize voters in the upcoming election.

Turning out voters during a presidential election year is typically easier, as voters will vote down-ballot after voting for the presidential candidate of their choice. A runoff election adds the additional challenge of both reminding voters than another election is taking place, and motivating them to turn out in the first place.

According to a source familiar with the plans, the ads will be the first in a series of television advertisements that will focus on Donald Trump Jr.

The runoff race will not only decide the future for Georgia, but also the entire country, as a Republican loss could hand control of the Senate to the Democrats. While a Democrat victory for both seats would technically split the Senate down the middle, Senator Kamala Harris would be able to cast the deciding vote if she does indeed become the next vice president.

The PAC, however, doesn’t appear to be attempting to win over swing voters. Instead, the advertisements are designed to rally the conservative base behind the candidates at a time when many Republicans are frustrated with the electoral system. The PAC will air its ads on conservative TV and radio stations, with a six-figure sum being invested into an initial round of ads that will begin airing later into the week.

Many leading Republicans are concerned that accusations of voter fraud might cause conservative voters to sit out the upcoming election in protest, but President Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr., and other major conservative figures have taken to social media to remind voters that a Republican win in the Georgia runoffs is essential to maintain control of the Senate.

“There is a critical role that must be played in both Georgia Senate runoffs: turning out the Trump vote,” PAC organizers said in a statement. “We know from past midterms and special elections that the Trump voter is not guaranteed to every Republican candidate, which is why it’s vital to directly engage these voters and not take them for granted.”

“To that end, we are launching an aggressive campaign in support of the two Republican candidates, focused on energizing and turning out Trump supporters, using television, radio and digital ads featuring Donald Trump Jr.,” Andy Surabian, an adviser to Trump Jr. said.