Trump Is Stockpiling Money As Presidential Rumors Swirl

( It seems that Trump’s money-raising machine has never stopped churning – and it has raised vast sums of money thanks to a combination of modest grassroots contributions, individuals with deep pockets, and large corporate donations.

Trump has $108,046,100 in his Save America war chest. That’s more than the Republican and Democratic national committees combined.

And this money has been raised while Trump’s presidential ambitions are still murky. The big question remains whether or not he will run for president again.

If Trump decides to run in 2024, he won’t be able to spend the money on himself easily. Save America is registered as a leadership PAC, not as a campaign tool for him.
The vast sums of money under his control beg the question: what is it for?

Since leaving office, Trump hasn’t stopped collecting money, whether through thousands of tiny gifts collected at Trump rallies, online, or through the large donor money machine.

Save America, which Trump created in November 2020, has amassed $124 million, the most enormous war chest ever accumulated by an ex-president. But he has only spent around $14 million, or approximately 11% of that.

He’s holding onto it for a reason, but what could that be?

Michael Beckel of Issue One, a non-partisan group that advocates for campaign finance reform, says that there is much leeway on how PAC money is spent. Trump could influence the 2022 midterms and other future elections if he decides to spend the funds. Predicting what Donald Trump will do with political action money is difficult because he is not a conventional politician.

Many observers speculate he will use the funds to help elect loyalists. If he should run and win in 2024, he will have a legion of MAGA-based lawmakers in office, ensuring a power base within the party that won’t be undermining his every move.

The consequences of straying from the MAGA doctrine were evident just last week when Trump characterized Mo Brooks as “going woke.“

The senator from Alabama stepped on a rake when referring to what Trump believes was a stolen election. Brooks told Trump to put the 2020 election results behind him. Insulted, Trump, being Trump, promptly withdrew his endorsement of Brooks.

Time will tell if that has an impact on Brooks or not.

Clearly, Trump is a significant influencer, and his popularity and ability to raise funds are remarkable and very distressing to the left.