Trump Faces Backlash After Swipe At DeSantis

Donald Trump, addressing a Republican summit in Florida, took a sly jab at the state’s governor, Ron DeSantis, which did not go over well with his core supporters.

Both Trump and DeSantis claimed Florida as their own during Saturday’s Freedom Summit held by the Florida Republican Party in Kissimmee.

DeSantis was seen as Trump’s most threatening opponent when his campaign began in May following his landslide reelection the previous year. However, he has since plummeted to a distant second position.

Many Florida politicians who had endorsed DeSantis in the past but now support his opponent were invited to the podium by Trump, highlighting the issues DeSantis confronts.

During his speech, Trump bragged about his administration’s response to the virus outbreak.

He omitted DeSantis and Florida from a list of Republican governors he said did a “great job” during the epidemic.

On COVID, Trump boasted, “We did a wonderful job.” He said no one ever acknowledged any of his administration’s efforts and how he allowed governors not to lock down their states. He said Henry McMaster, from South Carolina, did an excellent job. South Dakota did a fantastic job. Tennessee did a great job.

When someone in the audience shouted “Florida,” Trump simply smiled and nodded.

He was silent for a while, then said, “I will say this. Every Republican governor outperformed even the most successful Democrat. And it’s true.

Others have also taken to social media to attack Trump.

On social media, Trump was called out for purposely ignoring DeSantis.

One person noted, “The only states he includes are those where Republican governors have publicly backed Trump. And the folks down in Florida know it.”

It’s doubtful this will significantly impact his gigantic lead in Florida.