Trump Endorsement Rocks Michigan Race

( As the election season heats up, a flurry of endorsements is reshaping the Republican Party’s ticket in Michigan in November. It all starts with former President Donald Trump, as is usual in Republican Party politics these days.

The race for Michigan’s next chief elections officer isn’t usually the focus of attention in a midterm election year, but theories and issues surrounding the 2020 presidential election have pushed the Republican race to the forefront in the swing state.

Former President Donald Trump spoke to thousands of adoring supporters in Macomb County on Saturday night, but his intended target was a far smaller group.

Trump used the wild event to appeal to precinct delegates of the Michigan Republican Party, who will vote on whether to formally endorse GOP contenders for attorney general and secretary of state at a convention on April 23.

Delegates were persuaded to support Attorney General Matt DePerno and Secretary of State Kristina Karamo, who were early supporters of Trump’s continuing effort to delegitimize President Joe Biden’s 2020 election victory.

After inviting DePerno and Karamo to the podium, Trump said that t’s not just about 2022 but also about ensuring that Michigan isn’t manipulated and stolen again in 2024.
DePerno, a Portage attorney aspiring to become the state’s top law enforcement official, asked GOP precinct delegates to flood county conventions later this month to help him become the GOP’s attorney general nominee.

The AG Hopeful said that we will not allow the elites in our country to control elections and to control us and that this is what the MAGA movement is.

Trump’s trip to Michigan, and the slew of endorsements he’s already made, are seen as part of his ongoing effort to keep control of the Republican Party ahead of a possible presidential candidacy in 2024.

The two Trump-backed candidates for attorney general and secretary of state are political newcomers who rose to prominence after the 2020 election for agreeing that there was corruption in the presidential election in Michigan.

As the speech began, he said the presidential election was rigged and stolen, and as a result, our country is being destroyed. Trump praised DePerno and Karamo, saying they would defend us against rigged elections.

Trump remarked that the only thing the Democrats are good for is fixing elections.
Meanwhile, the left acts as if Trump endorsements are somehow shady, corrupt, and underhanded.