Trump Encourages Dem-Embraced Voting Tactics

A report shows former president Donald Trump has announced he will advocate for early voting and “legal” vote harvesting in 2024.

Trump stated in an interview that he would encourage people to vote early but warned that mail-in votes often get “lost.”

Following their defeats in the 2022 midterms and the 2020 presidential election Republican National Committee revealed intentions to improve its capacity to collect early votes and absentee ballots. The Republicans gained just 10 House seats and lost 1 Senate seat. 

Over twenty percent of Maricopa County’s tabulators failed on election day, costing Republican gubernatorial contender Kari Lake of Arizona the race and causing local authorities to apologize.  

Businessman and Omega4America founder Jay Valentine tells War Room that the GOP will be helpless against the left in 2024 because they will be unable to out-fraud, out-ballot-harvest, contribution mule, or out-lawfare the left. 

The left controls all aspects of the electoral process, including ballot production, election commissions, media pressure on courts to ignore allegations of election fraud, and the eviction of attorneys who bring such allegations to light.

However, Valentine argues that the Republicans can out-compute them.

Omega4America, led by Jay Valentine, has a mechanism that can significantly reduce left-wing cheating. Jay’s team has appropriated Florida, North Carolina, Texas, and other states’ purportedly cleansed voter records. 

They compared the voter records with other databases, such as RV parks, hotels,  and even jails, all open to the public. For example, the ERIC-cleaned voter register in Texas included inmates of the Harris County Jail. 

Jay’s technology detects and eliminates these fraudulent ballots, resulting in a more accurate voter register.

According to the Omega4America website, every state has large voter, Medicaid, DMV, and other complicated systems databases.

No state can match voter registration with personal property rolls.

Project Omega teaches state lawmakers how revolutionary new technology can evaluate all state datasets in real time with rapid response time to match large public company integrity.

Fractal technology allows state databases to be continually cross-searched for misuse, fraud, or wrong addresses in real-time at a far lower cost than states pay now for faulty data.