Trump Criticizes, Distances Himself From Project 2025

Over the last several years, the United States has been full of political tension, division, and polarization. Indeed, since the 2016 election of Donald Trump in which the former business real estate and reality TV star mogul from New York City won an upset victory over Hillary Clinton, America seems as though it has been engulfed in chaos and instability. Trump was a political outsider and once he achieved an unlikely and unthinkable victory to become the 45th president of the United States, the establishment class of American political bureaucracy of the federal government awoke to oppose him. While he currently faces several criminal indictments and was convicted of a felony, he remains the Republican choice for the presidential nomination of 2024.

Trump remains quite vulnerable, but his opponent, the incumbent Joe Biden, is faring arguably worse. Biden has seen his poll numbers continue to decline following the first presidential debate which was held on June 27th. Biden, often appearing confused and incoherent while on stage, struggled to formulate sentences and many Democrats and allied media pundits had no choice but to acknowledge the disastrous night for the president. One Democrat Congressional Representative from Texas, Lloyd Doggett, even called for Biden to resign. 

Most polls showcase a very close race between Trump and Biden, and the electorate, being as polarized as it is, is unlikely to shift seismically in one direction or another over the next several months leading up to election day. Despite these troubles for his opponent, Trump is still walking a “fine line” and recently disavowed “project 2025” a plan proposed by the Heritage Foundation which proposed major changes to the federal government if Trump should win. It proposes widespread personnel changes in the federal government among other things to help the president implement a conservative agenda and not encounter deep-state bureaucratic roadblocks like other Republicans have in the past. Trump claimed to be unaffiliated with it.