Trump Calls For More Truth To Be Revealed In Audit

( While the media continues to push the claim that voter fraud in 2020 is “THE BIG LIE,” New Hampshire is the latest state to appoint a team of auditors to review the 2020 election results.

This is not a statewide audit. Instead, it is an audit of the vote tallies for Windham, New Hampshire.

Republicans won all four legislative seats in Windham. But after a Democrat-requested revealed that Republicans gained 300 votes while the Democrats lost 99, some Windham conservatives grew concerned about the fairness of the process.

On Friday, President Trump released a statement congratulating those who fought to make it happen.

“Congratulations to the great Patriots of Windham, New Hampshire for their incredible fight to seek out the truth on the massive Election Fraud which took place in New Hampshire and the 2020 Presidential Election,” President Trump’s statement reads. “The spirit for transparency and justice is being displayed all over the Country by media outlets which do not represent Fake News. People are watching in droves as these Patriots work tirelessly to reveal the real facts of the most tainted and corrupt Election in American history. Congratulations Windham—look forward to seeing the results.”

Not surprisingly, this audit is being dismissed as nothing more than Trump refusing to accept the results of the 2020 election.

“An election where the Republicans made gains in the state Legislature was rigged against Donald Trump. Now that doesn’t really logically add up at all,” Plymouth State politics professor John Lappie said in an interview with WCAX-3 in New Hampshire. “What this is really coming down to is nothing more than the president’s refusal to accept the results of the last election.”

When Democrats refused to accept the results of the 2016 Presidential election, they spent four years in Congressional investigations, launched a failed impeachment trial, and spent millions of dollars on Robert Mueller’s fruitless special counsel investigation. The audit in Windham, New Hampshire won’t come anywhere close to that price tag.

The New Hampshire Attorney General’s office announced Sunday that the audit would begin on Tuesday, May 11.