Trump Announces New Guidelines For Governors To Re-Open States In Three Phases

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(PresidentialWire.Com)- As the United States experienced the most deaths in a 24-hour period from COVID-19 yesterday, 4,591 total, President Donald Trump announced a three-phase plan for how governors could re-open their states.
In a switch from a few days ago when he said he had the power to re-open the country, Trump and his White House Coronavirus Task Force are putting the power in the hands of the governors. Each state governor would determine when his or her state would re-open, based on a number of factors.
“Every state is very different,” Trump said. “If they need to remain closed, we will allow them do that.”
Trump told all governors on a conference call Thursday that:
“You’re going to call your own shots. We’ll be standing right alongside of you and we’re going to get our country open,” according to a Wall Street Journal source.
Trump and the task force released new guidelines at the press briefing Thursday. The re-opening of each state should come in three phases, they said, and states should only enter the first phase once they had a downward trend of coronavirus cases and/or positive tests for two weeks.
Only once they do that can places such as worship houses, gyms, restaurants, sports venues and movie theaters open — and only if strict social distancing measure remain in place. Vulnerable people should remain home during phase one, and visits to hospitals and nursing homes would still be prohibited. Telework would continue to be encouraged, though some people could return to work.
Trump said there are up to 29 states that could open “relatively soon,” based on the guidelines benchmarks, but he didn’t specify which states those are or whether the governors of those states agreed and were ready to re-open.
In phase two of the re-opening, schools and youth activities could resume, bars could re-open with restrictions and non-essential travel could be allowed as well.
Phase three would remove restrictions on workplaces, and vulnerable people would be allowed to resume social interactions, but with social distancing. Nursing home and hospital visits could resume as well.
In all phases, Trump and the task force emphasized that social distancing measures would be important, as would personal hygiene such as frequent hand washing and the frequent sanitation of places of business and places where people congregate.
Despite the new guidelines released Thursday, it seems very likely that many states won’t be changing anything anytime soon. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, for example, extended his state’s stay-at-home order until at least May 15, and the other East Coast states that are part of the recently-created consortium are likely to extend theirs as well.
New Jersey, the state hit the hardest after New York, has had an “indefinite” stay-at-home order in place for a while now, but Governor Phil Murphy did announce schools would be closed through at least May 15.
It’s likely to still take a considerable amount of time for many hard-hit states to even think about entering phase one of the new White House guidelines, and even then, they move very slowly through the phases.