Trump And Steve Bannon Embrace At GOP Event

At the annual banquet of the New York Young Republican Club, a media outlet’s photograph showed former President Trump and senior strategist Steve Bannon hugging.

In his speech, the Former President spoke about securing the border and drilling for oil. Representative Matt Gaetz (R-FL) and Senator Roger Marshall (R-KS) also gave addresses during the event, which took place at Cipriani Wall Street.

Reports show the event’s distinguished guests included on the invitation were War Room’s Steve Bannon, Rudy Giuliani, former New York City Mayor, and former New York Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik, who oversaw investigations into election fraud for the Trump campaign in 2020.

For their roles in challenging election fraud in Georgia, Giuliani and Trump are both named as co-defendants.

Bannon was instrumental in Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign win. As a result of staff shakeups in 2017, Bannon departed the White House. He subsequently came under criticism for remarks he made in a book about Trump’s Presidency published in 2018.

Before his departure from office, Trump pardoned Bannon, who had been accused of allegedly stealing from thousands of people during a private border wall fundraising drive.

In 2022, a Washington, DC jury found Steven Bannon guilty of two charges of contempt of Congress for refusing to answer subpoenas to the contentious and highly prejudiced January 6 Select Committee.

Due to President Trump’s assertion of executive privilege, Bannon declined to comply with the January 6 Committee’s request for materials.

Reports show that outside the courthouse, Steve Bannon criticized the ‘cowardly’ members of the January 6 Committee.

According to left-leaning media, the photo of the hug has been the most definitive proof that Trump and Bannon seem to have reconciled.

Bannon hinted at his involvement in Trump’s aspirations for a second White House term in statements made on a recent podcast. Kash Patel stressed that should Trump win a second term in office, he intends to exact justice on his political foes, including the media.