Trump And Biden TIED In Florida Says New Poll, But What About Shy Trump Voters?

( A new poll from NBC and Marist released this week suggests that President Donald Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden are neck and neck in Florida. The poll, which asked 767 likely American voters between August 31 and September 6 who they intend to vote for, shows that President Trump and Joe Biden both have 48% support in the state.

It’s important to note that there is a margin of error to consider here, of +/- 4.5% – so in reality, it could be off by quite a few points. The poll also only asked fewer than 1,000 people how they intend to vote, so that could mean it’s not entirely accurate either.

Other polls released recently suggest that Joe Biden is actually ahead, but none of the polls consider the possibility of the Shy Trump vote. This refers to the people who intend to vote for President Trump in November but who are too afraid of admitting it to pollsters over the phone given the huge amount of vitriol they might experience if people find out they support the president.

After all, Democrat voters are out on the streets right now burning down buildings, destroying livelihoods, and even mowing people down in their cars.

The Marist poll contained some other interesting facts, however – and if they’re true, it could make this the most interesting election in decades. It found that Trump leads Biden and the Democrats among Latino voters – you know, the people who Democrats said Trump hates because he wanted to secure the southern border.

President Trump took home 50% of support from Latino voters compared to Biden’s 46%.

The poll also found that Biden leads Trump on elderly voters, which is also fascinating. Traditionally older voters prefer the strong, stable, and traditional leadership skills of Republican presidents but this time around it looks like they might have found kinship in 77-year-old Joe Biden, lending their support to the tune of 49% to him and 48% to Trump.

President Trump beat Hillary Clinton among elderly voters in the 2016 election by a huge margin – we’re talking 17 points.

So either there has been a huge shift, or senior voters in Florida are terrified of admitting to the pollsters who they plan to vote for over fear of left-wing backlash.