Trey Gowdy Says Democrats Don’t Expect To Win Impeachment

( Former South Carolina Representative and Fox News commentator Trey Gowdy revealed on Friday how Democrats don’t plan to successfully convict former President Donald Trump in the ongoing impeachment hearing in the Senate, instead opting to make the entire process “as painful as possible” for their Republican opponents.

Speaking to “The Faulkner Focus” on Fox News, Gowdy said that it’s good news for the former president’s lawyers because they “can’t lose the case.”

“A high school mock trial team will win this case,” he said. “The jury is not going to convict Donald Trump.”

Gowdy added that he isn’t convinced that the point of the hearing was even to convict the former president in the first place, instead making the process difficult for the former president and the Republicans. He also speculated that it was an effort to further smear the former president to help Democrats in the 2022 and 2024 elections, during which former President Trump is expected to remain in a high-profile and influential position in the party.

“So what do [Donald Trump’s] lawyers need to do? Just take Kamala Harris, for example. Remember Amy Coney Barrett and her confirmation hearing? Kamala Harris told the world that this mother of seven was coming after every right you have, your healthcare rights, your voting rights…I mean that is inciteful, incendiary speech. So that’s Kamala Harris,” he said.

Gowdy also said that the president’s lawyers should simply play videos of Democrats making provocative statements – something the former president’s lawyers did opt to do on Friday.

The montage played by the former president’s lawyers revealed how Democrats repeatedly used the word “fight,” proving their narrative that Trump’s use of the term incited a riot hypocritical. The videos also showed high-profile Democrats calling for “unrest in the streets.”

The Senate votes to acquit former President Donald Trump on Saturday.