Transgender Activist Calls Procedures ‘Lifesaving’

Amy Schneider, a transgender male who identifies as a woman and won Jeopardy, has spoken out in favor of sex-change treatments for children, calling them “actually lifesaving,” in an upcoming memoir.

Schneider reveals in the book that he experimented with masturbation while watching a Leonardo DiCaprio film to understand better if he was attracted to males. He learned he didn’t have any sexual interest in guys.

The book, The Joys and Rewards of a Curious Life, details Schneider’s supposed transformation from male to female and his subsequent rise to the top of the Jeopardy! Leaderboard.

Schneider recounts speaking in 2022 against House Bill 454 in Ohio, which sought to prevent doctors from giving gender-affirming care to youngsters. Schneider argues that using cross-sex hormones and surgical procedures for youngsters is crucial to their health and survival.

According to his book, he became renowned by answering a series of trivia questions and was glad people could relate to him and glad that his testimony was a part of the effort to put his popularity to good use.

Schneider calls his male identity an unsightly, ill-fitting outfit in the book.

The Jeopardy champ recalls that he began cross-dressing at home while married to his ex-wife Kelly. He tried to tell her about it, but it was clear that she wasn’t interested in hearing about that part of his life.

The mainstream media frequently referred to Schneider as a woman in their coverage of his Jeopardy! Streak and meteoric ascent to fame, but they never once mentioned Schneider’s transgender identity.

The Leonardo DiCaprio movie he tried to pleasure himself with was Romeo + Juliet (1996). However, he discovered that DiCaprio failed to meet his sexual needs. It is unclear what sex Schneider is turned on by.

In his book, Schneider reveals his self-consciousness over his deep voice but writes that to conceal his voice, he started to seem like a betrayal to his community.

It is unclear what community Schneider is referring to.