Training Video Claims White People Are Like Diseased Mosquitoes

According to a report, a training film aimed at school personnel in New Prague, Minnesota, used an analogy comparing white people to mosquitos to highlight the dangers of microaggressions.

The school’s superintendent stated that the videos were to proactively address the requirements of our growing multicultural population. The movies were apparently given to employees in two separate versions of the video.

Statements like “Where are you from? Are heard in the original footage. Alleged microaggressions, such as “Your English is so wonderful” or “When are you planning to have a baby?” were considered to be as irritating as a mosquito bite. It is unknown, however, whether the version of the movie was allegedly presented to teachers in the New Prague Area.

The narrator adds cartoon images of a person firing at the mosquitos, saying that getting bitten by mosquitos every day, numerous times a day, is terrible, which makes one want to go berserk on the mosquitos, which looks like a major overreaction to folks who only get bit sometimes.

The announcer noted that some mosquitos carry genuinely hazardous illnesses that may screw up how you live for years before showing a mosquito acting as a guidance counselor who advises a student to think about a less demanding major than astrophysics.

According to a report, Adolf Hitler said he wrote Mein Kampf to depict his evolution and to demolish the wicked stories produced about him by the Jewish press. For this purpose, he used derogatory terms to characterize Jews as parasites, bloodsuckers, and vermin.

Heinrich Himmler, whose goal was to make Jews vanish from this world, said in 1943 that Anti-Semitism is equivalent to delousing. Eliminating lice is not a political issue but a matter of being clean.

Another report shows Marxist leader Julius Malema chanted “Kill the Boer, Kill the Farmer” (white South Africans) in the presence of 90,000 fans at Johannesburg’s FNB Stadium.

Twenty-one farm assaults and four farm killings occurred in South Africa in July 2023. In the first six months of 2023, there were 75 assaults on farms and 25 murders, with ten occurring only in the month of June.