Tragic Reports Swirling On Queen Elizabeth’s Health

( Reports around Queen Elizabeth’s health are circulating amid details of the appointment of the new prime minister, according to Daily Mail. The Queen will not be traveling to London to receive both Boris Johnson and the new his successor at Buckingham Palace on September 6, but they will meet her at Balmoral instead. The occasion marks the first time a prime minister will resign, and a new prime minister appointed away from Buckingham Palace.

Royal aids are taking into account any issues that the 96-year-old monarach might have with mobility.

“The fact officials can’t be sure the Queen will be well enough to travel next week is yet another reminder of her advanced age and increasing frailty,” ex-BBC royal correspondent Peter Hunt said. “Despite this, the Queen remains determined to carry out her core duties. Appointing a new prime minister is not something that can easily be passed to Prince Charles, a king-in-waiting.”

The Queen was last seen in public in July when she flew to Aberdeen Airport for her annual holiday.

“The Queen has been seen at Balmoral recently, looking “remarkably well” according to observers, albeit with reduced mobility,” Sky News Scotland bureau chief James Matthews tweeted.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s last duty is to tell the Queen which successor has the most support to be able to form a government. The potential prime minister will then be called to consult with the Queen and asked whether or not they will be able to form a government, which is usually responded affirmatively. Once the new prime minister is appointed, the Court Circular will record that “the Prime Minister kissed hands on appointment.”

At this stage, however, there is no hand kissing. It is usually just a handshake. The actual kissing of the hands will take place at Privy Council.