Top Trump Official Says They Used Fox News To Get The Truth Out

( The Hill reported how Stephanie Grisham, the former White House press secretary who betrayed the Trump family and is now making money selling books that contain falsehoods and “inside stories” from the Trump administration, revealed how the last administration would rely on Fox News as the “main source of favorable coverage for the administration.”

The outlet tried to paint this as some kind of scandal, but what’s there to be shocked about?

Donald Trump’s White House regularly relied on Fox to get the real news out while most of the mainstream press just lied about them. How is that a scandal?

It turned out that even Fox started lying, too!

“That’s just where we went to get what we wanted out,” Grisham shamelessly told “New Day” on CNN.

She said that Fox “by and large” didn’t get tough with the Trump administration, but just took what they said and disseminated it.

Can CNN really claim that they are any better than that? In fact, CNN doesn’t just report what the White House says…the network publishes falsehoods, too!

The former Trump press aide, who was relentlessly criticized by left-wing media pundits for not holding daily briefings with reporters at the White House, said that Lou Dobbs was one show she “looked forward” to appearing on during her time in the White House.

She said that Dobbs would do all the talking about how everything was going great, and she would just nod and agree.

Can she be any more shameless?

Just look how far-left “reporter” Oliver Darcy is reporting on this:

Grisham is so concerned about saving her reputation that she’s willing to side with ultra-left “journalists” and pundits to save her own skin.

What she doesn’t realize is that they’ll happily turn on her as soon as she is of no more use to them.