Top staffer for VP Harris forced to apologize on first day in job

( Kamala Harris’ new communications director started his new job on a bad note after he was forced to offer a groveling apology for previous anti-illegal immigration remarks he made on Twitter.

Back in 2010, Jamal Simmons, a veteran Democrat staffer, was not a fan of illegal immigration. In one tweet, Jamal noted that MSNBC allowed two illegal aliens to appear on the air and demanded to know why ICE wasn’t rounding them up. In another tweet, Simmons suggested that the US border needed to be hardened and employers punished for hiring illegals.

When his old tweets caught the attention of pro-illegal immigration/open borders folks, Jamal offered his apology to those he offended, claiming that that sometimes he’s sarcastic or unclear. He assured his fellow Leftists that he wants he wants to make America “the best, multi-ethnic, diverse democracy it can be.”

But that wasn’t enough for the open borders Blue Check activists on Twitter. Even after Simmons was forced to grovel, they still said his decade-old tweets disqualified him from working in the Biden administration.

Jamal Simmons’ Twitter feed, however, had more problems than just his previous anti-illegal immigration hot takes.

In 2019, Simmons described Kamala Harris’ presidential campaign as “listless” and “unfocused.”

That’ll make for some awkward conversations in the Veep’s office.

He also fits the Democrats’ new definition of an “Insurrectionist.”

Simmons believed that “voting irregularities” took place when George W. Bush defeated Al Gore in the 2000 election.

Over the years, he repeatedly perpetrated the Big Lie that George W. Bush was an “illegitimate” president. In 2017 when criticizing Democrat lawmakers were refusing to attend Donald Trump’s inauguration, Simmons tweeted that while he still believes George W. Bush was illegitimate, he still showed respect for the office of President. Simmons told the boycotting Democrats they should show the same respect for the office and attend Trump’s inauguration.

As recently as January 2021, Simmons was claiming George W. Bush “stole” the 2000 election.

Does Kamala know her new communications director is a “threat to democracy?”