Top Republican Calls For Deployment Of Polling Workers At Every Precinct

( Ken Blackwell, the former Secretary of State for Ohio, has urged Republican candidates across the country of following in the footstep of Republican gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin in helping to train former military soldiers to become poll workers.

Youngkin’s campaign is working exceptionally hard in the race to become the next Virginia governor, which officially takes place on November 2, to ensure that only legal votes county. His campaign is working to ensure that they have poll workers at every single precinct in the state, ensuring that poll workers and counters are held to account and nothing slips through the cracks.

Blackwell spoke about the plans during a recent interview on the John Solomon Reports podcast last Wednesday.

He insisted that the strategy will stop any attempts to “hide in the dark corners of a process and snatch this election from the voters of Virginia.” He said any effort to discount voters or count votes that shouldn’t count will be “stopped dead in its tracks.”

In the podcast, he stressed the importance of safeguarding the integrity of our nation’s elections and said that it’s paramount to protecting and preserving our republic.

And it’s something you’d think that the Democrats would agree with, right? Protecting the vote is something a democrat – someone who believes in democracy – shouldn’t want to…isn’t it?

“And any attempts of individual cheaters, or any attempt by the federal government to concentrate control of our elections back in one party in Washington, D.C. must be resisted,” he added.

The idea of sending in former service members into our counting facilities to ensure the integrity of the election is a novel one, but you know how the Democrats will spin it….

But with hundreds of thousands of precincts in a country of more than 3,000 counties, implementing this nationwide will be difficult. Nonetheless, it seems like something Republicans should get on board with, right?