Top Democrat Flipped To Run Against Extremism

( A senior Republican in Oklahoma has announced plans to leave the party and become a Democrat as part of a plan to beat Governor Kevin Stitt in next year’s election.

Joy Hofmeister, the Oklahoma state superintendent, left the Republican Party on Thursday and officially registered as a Democrat in the Republican state. It’s somewhat significant and certainly inconvenient, but it’s not like she’s the most high-ranking republican in the state. Nonetheless, her plans are a victory for Democrats looking to remove the governor who won over 54% of the vote in the last election in 2018.

Speaking to Tulsa World on Wednesday, Hofmeister erroneously claimed that the Republican governor is engaged in “extremism” and that he is “running the state into the ground.”

If she’s willing to switch parties, especially at a time when the Democrats have become so radical, then was she a Republican all along? It doesn’t sound like it.

She claimed that the governor is hurting the education system, infrastructure, and health care through his “partisanship” and “extremism.”

None of this makes any sense, does it? The Democrats are more extreme and partisan than they have ever been.

The so-called former “Republican” then claimed that Governor Stitt “hijacked the Republican Party in Oklahoma.”

It makes you wonder whether Hofmeister has been offered something significant from the state Democrats to defect, doesn’t it? Formerly a lifelong republican who beat incumbent state superintendent Janet Barresi in 2014, it’s incredible that she would make such erroneous and plainly false claims now.

Hofmeister told local news outlets that she was unhappy with the way Stitt handled the pandemic.

She currently sits on or leads 40 different commissions and boards in the state – but she’s not overwhelmingly popular.

Donelle Harder, Stitt’s campaign manager, issued a statement describing how Oklahoma’s funding for public education hit record highs under the governor’s leadership and that he’s building the largest savings account in the state’s history, slapping down the bizarre claims made by Hofmeister.

What is she up to?