Top Celeb Defends Taylor Swift’s New Romance

Valerie Bertinelli expressed her support for Taylor Swift’s relationship with Travis Kelce, a player for the Kansas City Chiefs, as the singer made another appearance in the NFL on Sunday night.

Swift arrived with her A-list friends, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, to support Kelce during the Chiefs’ game against the New York Jets. Fans had various opinions, with some suggesting that the supposed romance was a public relations stunt.

“Please stop,” Bertinelli posted in a TikTok, referring to all the negativity. She requested that people allow others to “enjoy watching them fall in love.”

She asked haters who called the relationship a PR move to be quiet.

Bertinelli supported Swift’s defense against accusations of being too loud at the games, saying it’s football. They are extremely exciting.

The former child star, wife of Eddie Van Halen, weight loss spokesperson, and cookbook author encouraged people online to be respectful.

She then warned about taking “sneaky photos” and using them for financial gain.

Swift and Kelce were first rumored to be dating after the singer attended a Kansas City Chiefs game on Sept. 24. Kelce and his team were victorious against the Chicago Bears on that Sunday, and they left together in his convertible.

Kelce took Swift to a private party after the win, where she spent time with the team and Kelce’s mother, Donna Kelce.

Before Swift’s appearance at the Chief’s home stadium, Kelce informed the ESPN analyst, Pat McAfee, that he asked Swift to attend the game. However, he didn’t provide any details about how they connected.

Swift appeared at MetLife Stadium on October 1, shortly after being seen with Kelce for the first time.

Swift enjoyed the first half of the game when Kansas City took the lead against the Jets.

The Cruel Summer powerhouse donned a black, long-sleeved shirt paired with blue denim shorts embellished with sparkling studded rhinestones along the zipper and one pocket.