Top Biden Official Resigns Over Biden’s Actions

( You may remember how we recently reported on the story of the Biden State Department purposely killing off a Trump-era policy initiative that would have helped with the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan.

The story focused on the Crisis and Contingency Response bureau plans that were in place at the time Trump left office, which Biden killed off despite the fact that the initiative was designed to help with assisting Americans during the withdrawal from America’s longest-running war.

Well, there’s more to this story. A new report from Vanity Fair revealed how in July, bureaucratic decisions that affected the Afghanistan withdrawal – like the killing off of this planned bureau – were so bad that it resulted in the newly-appointed Crisis and Contingency Response bureau director to resign.

Dr. William Walters resigned on July 9 this year, before the bureau was officially killed off, and the left-wing outlet Vanity Fair went as far as saying that the inner workings in the State Department were “slightly more organized than a Choose Your Own Adventure novel.”


The Vanity fair report explains who the State Department had internal “turd wars: over the Afghanistan withdrawal, which was one of the reasons why it was handled so badly. It also claims at the same time as saying that the CCR was never actually created, it was also officially “abolished.”

How can something that didn’t exist get abolished?

You can read the full report here.

Dr. Walters reportedly told Blinken face to face, “I am resigning,” and explained that the destruction of the CCR would “marginalize” his team and hurt the State Department’s ability to respond to threats to American citizens abroad.

Biden is so incapable of running the country even his own workers are giving up on him.