Top Biden Official Claims Calling Putin A “Killer” Was NOT A Bad Idea

( During an interview with ABC News anchor George Stephanopolous last week, President Joe Biden called Russian President Vladimir Putin a “killer.”

Biden, in what appeared to be an effort to sound tough, even said that the world will shortly see the “price he’s going to pay.”

It sounded just like a declaration of war and even prompted Russian President Putin to challenge the U.S. president to a live debate on television. Putin also recently appeared in a new propaganda photo shoot wearing a sheepskin hunting outfit.

And as the world watched in total confusion, it seems that President Biden still thinks it was a good idea. At least, that’s the message that members of his administration are giving to the press.

Jake Sullivan, Biden’s National Security Adviser, told Andrea Mitchell Reports on MSNBC that it wasn’t a mistake and that the United States should expect some “tough days” in dealing with Russia.

Mitchell specifically asked Sullivan about the comments, to which he said that Biden was “asked a direct question” and so simply “gave a direct answer.”

Biden referenced during the Stephanopolous interview that Putin would pay a price for meddling in the United States presidential election. But when even the FBI’s Russia probe found zero evidence that Russia colluded with former President Donald Trump to win the 2016 election, it’s hard to believe that Biden is being serious.

As well as challenging President Biden to a live debate, Putin also dismissed his “killer” remarks that it “takes one to know one.”

Putin also poked at President Biden’s health, likely referencing his very clear cognitive decline.

Biden’s comments stand in stark contrast to those of former President Donald Trump, who was asked virtually the same question about the Russian President BY Bill O’Reilly in 2017.

“But he’s a killer,” O’Reilly said at the time, to which then-President Trump responded, “There are a lot of killers. You think our country’s so innocent?”