Tom Cotton’s New Book Points To His 2024 Plans, Report Suggests

( A Conservative-leaning media outlet believes Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) is hinting at his interest in running for president in 2024 by releasing his book about foreign policy a week after the midterm elections.


Only the Strong: Reversing the Left’s Plot to Sabotage American Power will be released a week after the November elections when emphasis shifts to the next presidential race. The book is being promoted as a critique of President Joe Biden’s foreign policy, says the outlet.

According to reports, the 45-year-old Cotton has spent the last six years establishing the groundwork for a White House run, initially targeting 2020 but shifting his focus to 2024 following Donald Trump’s surprise victory in 2016. The publication of his newest book in mid-November appears to reaffirm the Arkansas Republican’s aspirations for 2024. The unofficial start of the presidential cycle is generally the time immediately following a midterm election.

According to a source close to the Senator, Cotton developed the book in the days following the Kabul debacle, alluding to Biden’s botched evacuation of US troops from Afghanistan.

Cotton, a combat veteran who fought in Iraq and Afghanistan, has long been interested in foreign policy. According to a press release from his publisher, the senator draws a straight line from President Woodrow Wilson to President Bill Clinton to President Barack Obama and finally to Vice President Joe Biden to offer a broad critique of Democratic foreign policy that he claims is not just incompetence or bad luck but a decline by design.

New reports say Senator Cotton is a typical Republican hawk who believes in using American might internationally, despite being a conservative populist on several crucial home issues. Cotton may use this book to set himself apart from other Republican presidential candidates in 2024 and make his case for becoming the next commander in chief.

Cotton’s book, according to a source close to the senator, will not only condemn the Democrats but will also present his vision for a course correction that enhances US national security and reestablishes American global supremacy.