Tom Cotton Warns Democrats Will Rig Elections With New Rule

( If you thought the 2020 presidential election was compromised by misconduct and fraud, wait until you see what the Democrats have in store with the “For the People Act.”

The legislation, also known as H.R.1, is a terrifying proposal from Democrats that would cement in law many of the temporary changes made to voting rules in the 2020 presidential election, ranging from ballot harvesting to mass mail-in voting.

And Senator Tom Cotton, the Republican legislator from Arkansas, is speaking out about it.

In an opinion piece for Breitbart last week, Cotton noted how while President Joe Biden is overseeing the disaster at the southern border, Democrats in Congress are pushing the new H.R.1 legislation that would allow people to vote without providing any evidence of who they are. The legislation, he says, may even make it easier for people who are not entitled to vote…to vote.

“The bill would federalize our elections so that states have little control over how voting proceeds within their jurisdiction,” Cotton explained.

He said that Republican states like Florida and Arkansas wouldn’t be able to take extra precautions to ensure that their elections are safe from fraud, and election law would instead be controlled from Washington, D.C.

The bill would also completely invalidate existing voter ID laws in various states that require people to present photo ID when casting their vote. It’s a simple measure designed to ensure that only those eligible to vote do so, but the Democrats simply brand those laws “racist” without properly explaining why non-white people are unable to present ID the same way white people can.

He added that if the bill passes, then voters would simply need to self-certify that they are who they say they are, making it easy for felons and illegal immigrants to turn up to voting booths, make up their name, and then cast a ballot.

How does that make any sense?

It would also make mass mail-in voting permanent and ballot harvesting a regular occurrence, effectively making it possible for Democrats to bend the rules and stay in power forever.

You can read his full piece here. It’s a terrifying look at America’s future.