Tom Cotton Is Leading Evacuation Efforts In Afghanistan Of U.S. Citizens

( As President Joe Biden and his press secretary Jen Psaki remain missing in action, Republican Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton is stepping up and helping stranded Americans escape Afghanistan.

It comes after hardline Jihadist group the Taliban took control of Afghanistan and its capital city, Kabul, within a matter of weeks of Biden’s initial military withdrawal from the country.

The White House also revealed that American citizens in the country would not be granted any priority in evacuating them from the country, as many Afghan citizens have been promised an opportunity to relocate to the United States.

Cotton’s office told The New York Times that many U.S. citizens trapped in the country behind checkpoints set up by the Taliban have contacted his office requesting help, and that he is doing all he can.

He also followed up with a tweet, informing American citizens stranded in Afghanistan to immediately call his office. He even provided a direct line phone number and an email address.

Maggie Haberman reached out to Cotton’s office for further clarification, and a spokesman told her that their office had heard from a number of American citizens stuck in Kabul who were not being helped by the U.S. government. Those people were unable to safely reached the U.S. perimeter and didn’t know what action to take next.

Kabul has since been occupied by the Taliban, and President Joe Biden has not answered any questions from the press.

A security alter was issued on Sunday by the United States embassy in Kabul, telling citizens to shelter in place and to avoid both the airport and the embassy.

If the U.S. government isn’t going to prioritize Americans, then what else are they meant to do?

After abandoning Americans in Afghanistan, surely this has to be the time for President Joe Biden to resign.