Tom Brady Responds To Rumors About His Relationship With Trump

( Because Donald Trump is persona non grata among the establishment media, NFL great Tom Brady had to disavow any relationship with the former president during a recent interview in Variety.

Brady committed the unpardonable sin of posing for a 2015 photograph with Trump and worse, playing golf with the former president in years past.

So in his interview with Variety, Brady had to explain that he hasn’t spoken to Trump in “a lot of years” and hasn’t played golf with him in ages.

“This was 17 or 18 years ago,” Brady said of his golf outings with Trump. He explained that he was “so young” at the time and it was the “coolest thing in the world” to get invited to play golf on a private course.

In short, “Please don’t cancel me. I was young and stupid then.”

Brady said the claims that he and Trump were close friends were mischaracterized by the press. He said there are things about Trump that he agrees with and things he doesn’t.

Brady faces these “Are you now or have you ever been a Trump supporter” questions in large part because of a 2015 photo showing a MAGA hat in Brady’s locker.

At the time, Brady was quick to explain that Trump sent him and New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft MAGA hats when he was running for president.

Brady’s other sins included praising Trump’s accomplishments and noticing Trump’s popular appeal. He also had the gall to tell Howard Stern in a 2020 interview that Trump frequently came to Patriots games to cheer.

Variety notes that “despite these kind words” from Brady in the past, he insisted that he is not in touch “with the controversial former president.”

Well, of course he did.

Brady knows what happens to people who get smeared as “Trump supporters.”

Disavowing Trump is the only way to survive if your career relies on media promotion.