Thugs Surround Woman In Daylight Attack

( Residents of a previously “secure” Chicago neighborhood were scared after a lady was robbed in broad daylight at gunpoint.

The assault was visible in a doorbell cam video. According to WGN-TV, the footage was captured in Chicago’s Lakeview district on Sunday.

The woman screamed as three males suddenly rushed out of a car in the street and dragged her to the ground. A gun was being pointed at her by at least one of the men.
The woman kept asking, “What do you want?” as the cloaked individuals appeared to take items off of her person. She was screaming in terror.

The three men returned to the car and sped off after approximately 20 seconds as the woman continued to cry in terror.

The thieves took the woman’s fanny pack, which included her wallet, phone, and keys.

The crime occurred in Bill Pollard’s neighborhood, but he and his wife were away at the time. He claimed that when he received a video of the purported armed robbery in a text chain from neighbors, he was astounded.

Pollard said he never would’ve expected anything like this on this street.
(What kind of streets does he expect this to happen on?)

Pollard initially struggled to pinpoint the exact location of the robbery. After taking a closer look, he discovered it was just a few yards from his house.

He said it kind of takes a little bit of the shine off of this bubble he sometimes feels he lives in.

“You know, kids play in the park, neighbors walking up and down the street, and now rather than just walking around, you may have to look over your shoulder every now and then,” Pollard said.

Chicago police have stepped up their efforts to keep Lakeview secure, according to Alderman Scott Waguespack, but they cannot do it alone. He notably brought out problems with the judiciary and state’s attorney systems in Cook County.

Kimberly Foxx, the state’s attorney for Cook County, is one of the nation’s most radical prosecutors. The Chicago Tribune revealed in 2020 that Foxx’s agency had dismissed criminal cases containing murder accusations.

Throughout her first three years in office, Foxx’s office dropped all charges for 29.9% of alleged offenders, 10.5 percent more than the state’s attorney before her, Anita Alvarez.