This Is The Order Holding Donald Trump In Contempt Of Court

( Last week, a judge in New York held former President Trump in civil contempt for failing to comply with a subpoena issued by the office of New York Attorney General Letitia James as part of her 3-year crusade to “take down Trump.”

In a bench ruling last Monday, Judge Arthur Enghoron said there is no evidence that the former president conducted a “proper, thorough search” for the records that may be relevant to the subpoena and called the evidence of compliance supplied by Trump’s attorney “woefully insufficient.”

Judge Engoron slapped a $10,000 a day fine on Trump until he either fully complies with the subpoena or turns over sufficient proof that he has nothing more to provide.

In a statement in response to the judge’s ruling, Trump’s lawyer Alina Habba disagreed with the decision, reiterating that all the documents pertaining to the AG’s subpoena were turned over “months ago.” Habba said that the judge’s ruling would be appealed.

During Monday’s hearing, Habba argued that the former president “has nothing to hide,” adding that Trump does not believe that he is “above the law.”

New York Assistant Attorney General Andrew Amer called Trump’s response to the subpoena “absolutely deficient,” claiming that the AG’s office was being “deprived of evidence.”

The subpoena is in connection to the Attorney General’s office’s ongoing civil investigation into how the Trump Organization valued its real estate holdings when applying for loans.

During last week’s hearing, Habba insisted that Trump’s response to the subpoena was “full and dutiful” and the former president “does not have anything left to give.”

However, the judge disagreed, faulting former President Trump, who was not at Monday’s hearing, and Habba for failing to provide evidence that they tried to comply. Judge Engoron said it wasn’t enough to simply say there was nothing left to provide, they also had to explain where they looked.

The judge, noting that this civil investigation has been dragging on for nearly three years, asked prosecutors what was “taking so long.” Assistant Attorney General Kevin Wallace said it is likely the AG’s office will “bring some kind of enforcement action” to justify keeping the investigation going.

Read the contempt order HERE.