They’re Installing Microchips In People Now

( When people speculated that COVID-19 result in the government microchipping people with vaccines, they were dismissed as conspiracy theorists. Since then, we’ve learned that scientists at the Pentagon are working on a microchip that detects COVID and other infections.

Yes, really.

And now, reports are revealing that a Dubai beauty salon is offering customers “microchip manicures” that involves installing small microchips into peoples’ nails that act as a business card. It’s a procedure that allows people to tap their finger on peoples’ phones and share their personal information, and later, it is expected to be used to allow people to make contactless payments or access digital menus at restaurants.

It’s also a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

With people fearful of interacting and touching one another, wireless payments and sharing of personal data without transferring a physical card has become more popular than ever. But for most people, it’s a simple matter of using an NFC-enabled cell phone.

Nour Makarem, the founder of Lanour Beauty Lounge in Dubai which is offering the manicure, told CNN that they install whatever information the customer ants. This might include name, number, social media accounts, and websites.

Makarem added that some 500 customers had already come to have the chip installed on their fingernail.

The manicure installs tiny NFC, or “Near Field Communication,” chips that are usually seen in cell phones. When a chip interacts with a modern computer or phone device, the information on the chip flashes up on the screen and can be saved.

It looks like the world is moving towards universal microchips for sharing personal information, and it may only be a matter of time before they become so popular that it’s hard to live life like everybody else without one…