These Fake Jen Psaki Tweets Aren’t Real, Despite Going Viral

( Some tweets supposedly written by Jen Psaki went viral last weekend before the former White House press secretary pointed out that the account was parody and not actually her.

Screenshots of tweets from a @psaki account surfaced with her image, name, and blue checkmark, making the tweet appear more legitimate than it was. The most notable tweets involved the Joe Biden incident where he fell off his bike after approaching a crowd of his supporters. The tweet reads,

Another read:
“Yes, President Biden fell on his bike. To Donald Trump: a bike is something you ride when you have the physical strength to lift your own knees.”

The tweets included a label, “Parody by Back Rub,” which Psaki herself pointed out, saying that anything with parody written on it is not real.

Thanks for the tip.

Psaki quote-tweeted an account responsible for the tweet, Faith Back Rub. They proclaim to be a satirical Christian apologetics group, something like “the Christian Onion” who came into politics after Donald Trump announced he was running for President. “We saw it as a great moral issue and got into politics to stop him,” they tweeted.

The account that has just over 15 thousand followers also claimed that they think the Babylon Bee got the idea of a satirical account from them.

After putting an end to any concerns that she actually tweeted those out, Faith Back Rub posted a number of tweets talking about satire and people’s propensity to believe anything on the internet, adding that if someone could share something with “parody” written on it, maybe it will make them more critical in the future about what they see posted.

The Christians-against-Trump group that allegedly jumped into the political arena to stop the orange man, wants people to know that “People have shut their minds down to opposing views, which is why arguing someone to the truth rarely works anymore.” Instead, art bypasses their defenses and “makes them think,” making satire and parody “needed now more than ever.”

This really is a satire account.