“The View” Host Falsely Claims People Don’t Like Judge Jackson Over Race

(PresidentialWire.com)- Whoopi Goldberg lashed out a Senate Republicans this week, accusing them of opposing Ketanji Brown Jackson’s nomination because they don’t think a black woman can do the job.

During Monday’s broadcast of “The View,” the screeching harridans were responding to Missouri Republican Senator Roy Blunt’s announcement that he would be voting against Jackson’s nomination. In making his decision, Blunt also described Jackson’s nomination as a “high point for the country.”

And that was too much for Whoopi.

The bitter former comedian who sees the whole world through race-colored glasses called Blunt’s comments “ridiculous,” adding that he might as well come out and say “I don’t trust a black woman to do the job.” Goldberg noted that Republicans didn’t have any issue with Justice Amy Coney Barrett, so it isn’t a woman thing. Therefore, it must be a black thing.

Or, it could be an ideology thing.

But for Whoopi, it never has anything to do with ideology, only skin color.

Whoopi flat-out acknowledged that, saying that the only reason Ketanji Brown Jackson was treated differently from Amy Coney Barrett is because she’s black.

“We all know what it is,” the race-whisperer added.

Then Whoopi declared that Republicans treating Jackson differently because she’s black won’t be able to “take away” who Jackson is and what’s she done to get where she is.

Not to be outdone in the stupid department, co-host Ana Navarro accused Republicans who oppose Jackson’s confirmation of “cowardice.”

Really? The cowards are the ones who stick by their principles in the face of coordinated attacks from the news media and the screeching harpies from “The View?” Cowards would’ve caved to public pressure and media hectoring; they wouldn’t have stuck their principles in the face of it.