“The View” Host Claims Trump Manipulated People With Arrest Claim 

(PresidentialWire.com)- Last weekend, former President Donald Trump went on a Truth Social rant where he falsely claimed that he would be arrested on Tuesday. And on Wednesday, with Trump still free as a bird, the ladies from ABC’s “The View” mocked the former president for once again lying. 

Host Whoopi Goldberg opened Wednesday’s broadcast by announcing that “you-know-who” was “still at large.” She suggested that Trump’s assertions should always be taken with a grain of salt, noting that Trump also claims he won the 2020 election. 

Co-host Sara Haines agreed, saying since Trump always lies, there was no reason to take him seriously when he claimed that he would be arrested on Tuesday. 

Co-host Joy Behar added that even though nobody believes Trump, the media was still manipulated into reporting on Trump’s false claim. 

While the others all claimed they knew better than to believe Trump, co-host Sunny Hostin was disappointed that Trump’s claim of arrest never materialized. She whined about the lack of action by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg and added that a lot of people were “disappointed” that Trump didn’t get arrested on Tuesday. 

Behar barked “He’s a liar,” prompting Whoopi to ask if Behar was shocked by that. Behar said she wasn’t shocked, just annoyed. 


The grand jury proceeding scheduled for Wednesday was abruptly postponed with no explanation, the Associated Press reported. Prosecutors instructed grand jurors to remain on standby for Thursday. 

According to the New York Post, a source within the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office said some prosecutors are “shaking their heads” at District Attorney Bragg’s decision to continue pursuing a case against the former president. 

Fox News reported that sources are saying that there is “major dissension” within the District Attorney’s Office over the “weakness” of Bragg’s case. 

The Associated Press reported that Thursday’s grand jury session focused on “other matters” and no witness was called to testify. The grand jury is not scheduled to reconvene until Monday, however, it is unclear if prosecutors plan to call more witnesses next week.