The Supreme Court’s Recent Change All Points Back To One Man

( In a hit piece last week, NPR wanted their liberal readers to know just whom to blame for Roe v. Wade being overturned.

Is it Donald Trump? Or perhaps Mitch McConnell?


It’s Leonard Leo.

Yes, that Leonard Leo.

Wait. You don’t know who Leonard Leo is?

Don’t worry. NPR is there to shine a spotlight on the guy.

Leonard Leo is the man who leads the Federalist Society.

You see, the dreaded Federalist Society is to the Supreme Court what Leftists think the Koch Brothers are to Republicans getting elected to Congress.

For the Left, there has to be a single boogeyman behind the scenes moving people about like pieces on a chess board.

And for NPR, that boogeyman behind the conservative majority on the Supreme Court is Leonard Leo.

NPR points out that Trump has been boasting that his conservative justices on the Court are the reason Roe v. Wade was overturned. But NPR is quick to explain that Trump isn’t the one who deserves credit for his judicial nominees. Trump didn’t come up with his 2016 list of potential justices. That list was created by that evil mastermind, Leonard Leo.

Does NPR think Joe Biden came up with his short-list for SCOTUS that resulted in the nomination of Ketanji Brown Jackson? For Pete’s sake, people in the White House can’t even spell her first name correctly. As recently as Wednesday, White House chief of staff Ron Klain released a statement in which he referred to her as “Kentaji” Brown Jackson.

Biden’s SCOTUS pick came courtesy of the group Demand Justice. The same group that ran a pressure campaign to force Justice Stephen Breyer to retire so Biden could pick a far-Left judge to replace him. The same group whose former staffers now work in the Biden White House.

But see, it’s different when Republican presidents accept advice from an outside group like the Federalist Society.

NPR knows that the Left needs an enemy. Democrats in Congress, leftists in the media, and blue-check Twitter activists all need someone to blame. So NPR served up Leonard Leo as the target.