The Free Beacon’s Matt Foldi Is Running For Congress

( Last week, Washington Free Beacon reporter Matthew Foldi resigned from the conservative outlet and filed to run for Congress in this year’s midterm election.

Foldi will be running in the Republican primary for Maryland’s 6th Congressional District, currently held by the 2-term incumbent, Democrat David Trone.

While this is Foldi’s first run for Congress, it isn’t his first foray into politics. In 2016, Foldi became the youngest elected official in Chicago history when he was elected as the city’s Fifth Ward Republican committeeman.

In addition to his work with the Free Beacon, Matt Foldi was the longsuffering assistant to Ruthless Podcast cohost and Twitter Minion Master, Comfortably Smug.

Smug quickly offered his full-throated endorsement of his top minion Foldi’s campaign.

In announcing Foldi’s run, the Free Beacon’s Collin Anderson jokingly described their former reporter as being best known for his “flamboyant outfits and revolting meatless diet.” Anderson said Foldi is looking to “accost the enemies of freedom from the hallowed halls of Congress, as opposed to his obscenely messy” desk.

Free Beacon editor-in-chief, Eliana Johnson said Foldi would be missed, adding that Foldi might not be able to keep his desk clean, “but we trust he would do a better job cleaning up Congress.”

Currently, Foldi faces one challenger in the Republican primary, state lawmaker Neil Parrott. Parrott ran against Congressman Trone in 2020 but was defeated by 19 points. Another Republican, Afghan war vet Mariela Roca is reportedly considering entering the primary race as well.

Breitbart reported on Thursday that both the Cook Political Report and the Virginia Center for Politics have shifted their predictions in favor of Republicans in the upcoming midterm election.

The Center for Politics has rated 210 seats “Safe, Likely, or Leans Republican,” 198 seats are rated “Safe, Likely, or Lean Democrat,” and the remaining 27 seats have been rated “Toss-ups.”

The Cook Report, meanwhile, has rated 27 Democrat seats as “Toss-ups” or worse. On the Republican side, Cook rates only 12 seats “Toss-ups” or worse.

Republicans only need a net gain of five seats to retake the House majority.