Texas Sends Bus Full Of Migrants Into California Storm

Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass described Texan Governor Greg Abbott as “evil” for sending migrants to LA during a storm. Tropical storm Hilary battered California and Nevada leaving thousands without power and vast areas flooded. To relieve the burden on his state, into which thousands of illegal immigrants have arrived this year, Mr. Abbott sent a bus carrying around 40 people to Los Angeles while the storm was raging.

Karen Bass said officials in Texas knew about the treacherous weather yet decided to send people regardless – a move she described as despicable. A spokesman for the Governor said, however, that the bus driver was mindful of the weather and “took a cautious path to Los Angeles to keep all on board safe.”

Mr. Abbott’s press secretary Andrew Mahaleris added that the migrants all went to LA willingly, were given provisions, and were free to disembark at any time. He also told Mayor Bass, a Democrat, that she should take her concerns up with President Biden, who he said oversees the highest levels of illegal immigration, and the most porous open border, in the history of the United States.

Texas has sent nearly 30,000 migrants out of the state since April 2022, most of them to so-called sanctuary cities. A sanctuary city is one that openly declares it will not work with federal immigration agencies or make attempts to remove illegal immigrants. New York is a sanctuary city, and yet Mayor Eric Adams expresses fury at the tens of thousands who make their way to the Big Apple, saying he does not have the resources to accommodate them.

According to his own website, Governor Abbott transported 10,600 illegal immigrants to Washington, DC, since last April, as well as 10,500 to New York City, 4,300 to Chicago, 2,000 to Philadelphia, 350 to Denver, and 200 to Los Angeles.

In perhaps his most infamous act, Abbott sent a bus carrying migrants to the home of Vice President Kamala Harris late last Christmas Eve.