Texas Dashcam Video Shows Immigrants Being Smuggled In Joe Biden’s America

(PresidentialWire.com)- As America’s border officials struggle to maintain control of the crisis as the southern border, a shocking piece of Dashcam footage from Texas shows how more than ten illegal migrants piled out of a smuggler’s car after it was pursued by local state troopers.

It’s just one more terrifying example of how President Joe Biden is not providing border officials with the resources they need to stop the influx, whether that’s through the defunding of President Donald Trump’s wall or by promoting illegal immigration by promising amnesty and an eight-year path to citizenship.

The dashcam footage comes from the Texas Department of Public Safety and in it, you can see a state trooper chasing after illegals. And these weren’t just desperate illegals innocently trying to find a better life as the Democrats so often talk about, but instead a human smuggler in the Del Rio area profiting from sending desperate people on dangerous and potentially fatal journeys over the border.

See for yourself:

And the Democrats don’t think this is an issue?

In the clip, you’ll see the smuggler ditching the car at the side of a highway, while illegal aliens scramble to get out of the car and escape the police. Many of the passengers escaped but the human smuggler was thankfully apprehended by the state trooper.

The problem is becoming so bad in border states that National Guard troops from all over the country have been deployed in Texas and Arizona to help bring stability to the region.

Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott also recently launched the new “Operation Lone Star,” which will see Texas state funds and resources used to restart the construction of President Trump’s border wall and to strengthen border controls to stop human smugglers bringing drugs and illegal aliens into the state.