Teenager Who Fatally Shot Man On Bus Turns Himself In

In an unexpected turn of events, a 17-year-old boy suspected in a seemingly random fatal shooting of a passenger aboard a Seattle bus last month has surrendered himself to the police. According to authorities, the incident occurred while the victim was taking a nap.

The accused, Miguel Rivera Dominguez, a resident of Burien, a suburban district situated to the south of Seattle, now faces severe charges. He is accused of first-degree murder and second-degree illegal firearm possession in a case that prosecutors have referred to as “the senseless execution of an unknown individual.”

A press release by the King County Sheriff’s Office clarified that Rivera Dominguez gave himself up peacefully on Monday morning. As per King County Superior Court records, no legal representative was listed to speak on behalf of the accused, who is being tried as an adult.

Based on the prosecution files submitted the previous week, it emerged that Rivera Dominguez had been a passenger on a King County Metro bus traveling in White Center, a locality outside the city limits to the south of Seattle. The incident occurred on the 3rd of October when Rivera Dominguez rang the bell for a stop and shot Marcel Da’jon Wagner, 21, who seemed to be asleep.

Video recordings from within the vehicle revealed the chilling scene of Dominguez and Wagner, sharing a quiet 12-minute journey on the H line bus, traveling between Burien and White Center, as highlighted in official court files. Seemingly lost in a peaceful slumber, Wagner had positioned himself at one extremity of the bench while Dominguez occupied the other.

The tranquility was abruptly shattered when the bus halted at a stop, and Dominguez, in a moment of chilling silence, drew a firearm and took aim at Wagner. A law enforcement official’s account in the charging papers paints a chilling picture – Dominguez did not speak a word before pulling the trigger. The scene ended tragically, with Wagner’s life ending there and then on the bus.

A friend accompanying Rivera Dominguez during the incident later revealed to investigators that he was taken completely by surprise by the shooting. They had no prior knowledge of the victim, as indicated in the charge sheet.

In response to the shocking event, King County Metro announced increased security measures on the H Line, which operates between downtown Seattle and the southern suburb of Burien, to reassure its passengers.