Ted Cruz Says Biden’s Surrender to Putin Caused Ukraine Crisis

(PresidentialWire.com)- In a floor speech on Tuesday, Texas Senator Ted Cruz hammered President Biden over the conflict along Ukraine’s border and argued that the “calamitous foreign policy disaster” was Joe Biden’s fault.

Cruz said the hundreds of thousands of Russian troops along Ukraine’s eastern border “is a direct consequence” of Biden surrendering to Putin on Nord Stream 2.

By clearing the way for Nord Stream 2 to be constructed, Cruz argued, Biden allowed Putin to bypass Ukraine. What kept Putin from invading Ukraine was Russia needed Ukrainian energy infrastructure to deliver its natural gas to the European market. But with Nord Stream 2, Russia will have its own infrastructure and will no longer need Ukraine.

Dismissing President Biden’s virtual meeting with Putin as “real nice,” Cruz said their meeting did nothing to prevent a Russian invasion of Ukraine. The Texas Senator called on the Senate to impose sanctions on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline and said he was preparing legislation to do just that.

He slammed Senate Democrats for objecting to sanctions on Nord Stream 2, accusing them of putting political loyalty to Biden and Harris above standing up to Vladimir Putin. If in a month or two, Russian tanks move into Ukraine, Cruz said, the American people should remember that Democrats were the ones who objected to sanctions on Nord Stream 2, adding that it won’t just be Biden’s fault, but the Senate Democrats fault as well.

He called on the Senate to defend Europe and our allies by standing up “to a tyrannical bully named Vladimir Putin.

Watch Cruz’s floor speech:

On Wednesday, Cruz appeared on Fox News and once again laid the blame for the Ukraine Crisis at Joe Biden’s feet.

He repeated his arguments from his Senate floor speech and also pointed out that Biden’s weakness during the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan showed America’s enemies the measure of Joe Biden.