Taliban warn against trying to change their culture

(PresidentialWire.com)- A Taliban spokesman has warned the United States that there should be no involvement in their country, particularly with regards to changing their “culture.” It comes as reports increase about innocent people being brutally murdered in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan, with many of those killings occurring according to Islamic law.

Over the weekend, it was revealed how a policewoman in a provincial city in Afghanistan was shot dead by Taliban militants. The woman, known in the local press as Banu Negar, was killed in her family home in front of relatives.

America apparently shouldn’t attempt to change this culture.

Spokesman Suhail Shaheen issued a statement claiming that women will be allowed to work under Taliban rule and that they will also receive an education, as long as they all wear the hijab.

Speaking to Fox News, Shaheen said that it is already a “change of culture” for the Taliban – and after saying that there will be “no issue” with women wanting to work, they do not expect the United States to attempt to change their culture any further.

“But we should not be after changing each other’s culture, as we are not intending to change your culture, you should not be changing our culture,” he said.

And you know President Joe Biden won’t just respect this request, he’s going to throw money at them, too.

Just days ago it was revealed that the United States is resuming some humanitarian aid funding for Afghanistan – and that money will go to the Taliban. The United States Agency for International Development revealed that some $260 million will be sent to Afghanistan after it was already expected to be directed to the country before the Taliban insurgency.

President Joe Biden is also reportedly actively cooperating with the Taliban.

On Monday, Republican Rep. Jim Jordan commented on Twitter that the Taliban is still keeping Americans hostage by refusing to allow any more flights to depart from the country, and questioned why President Joe Biden once again decided it was a good idea to go on vacation over the weekend.

It looks like the Taliban finally got the weak American leader they needed.