Suspect In Democrat Candidate’s Burglary Is An Illegal

( Despite the fact that Katie Hobbs’ apparent attempt to pin the incident on her Republican rival Kari Lake (ICE) said on Wednesday that an illegal immigrant is suspected of breaking into her campaign headquarters last week.

Local media reported that Daniel Mota Dos Reis, 36, of Portugal, who entered the country as a registered student in 2018, was detained last week on suspicion of criminal trespassing and burglary.

According to Yasmeen Pitts O’Keefe, an ICE public affairs officer, Mota is “currently at-large for administrative immigration offenses for failing to maintain his status as a registered student at an academic institution.”

According to witnesses, Mota was seen entering at least two distinct office buildings.

According to local officials, one of those offices served as Hobbs’ campaign headquarters.

According to court documents, Mota and the cops got into a fight on October 26. Before being taken into custody, the suspect shoved a 60-year-old female security guard as he fled from the officers. Later that evening, a patrol officer observed news accounts of a campaign burglary that had occurred the previous two nights, where surveillance had captured Mota’s image.

Phoenix Police detained Mota once more in connection with the break-in at the campaign headquarters on October 24.

Hobbs implied that Lake or her “allies” had at least encouraged a recent break-in at her campaign headquarters after the burglary.

Following the suspected break-in, Hobbs issued a statement indicating that she and her team worked with law officials to find out what happened.

She went on to say that Lake’s speech had raised the stakes and might have steered her allies into violence.

“During this campaign, Secretary Hobbs and her staff have received hundreds of threats, including murder and violence. The safety of our workers and the Secretary has always been our priority. We have made that plain throughout this campaign,” the campaign statement said before turning to criticize Lake.

“Let’s be clear, Kari Lake and her accomplices have been disseminating false information and threatening everyone they see fit for almost two years. A coordinated campaign of misinformation and intimidation has led to threats against Arizonans trying to exercise their constitutional rights and attacks on elected officials,” the statement said.

In response to the veiled charge, Lake told CNN that it was “absurd” and that the break-in might not even have occurred as Hobbs’ campaign claimed. She said, “Do you buy that? Because this seems like a Jussie Smollett part 2.”