Supreme Court Nominee Secretly Met With 44 Senators

( Extreme left-wing Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, who was nominated earlier this year by President Joe Biden to replace Justice Stephen Breyer on the Supreme Court – based entirely on her gender and race – has reportedly had 44 meetings with Senators from both the Democratic and Republican parties.

Jackson has met every single member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, which is the body that is expected to review all of her credentials in the confirmation hearings that will begin on Monday.

Do you expect that Jackson will be falsely accused of being a sex offender by Republicans, just like the Democrats did to two out of three Trump-appointed justices? No? Us neither.

Doug Jones, a former Democratic senator who served between 2018 and 2021, was tapped by President Joe Biden to guide Jackson through the confirmation process. He has facilitated these meetings to ensure that Jackson has the votes she need to be officially appointed to the Supreme Court – a process that will see her courting the votes of Senators from both parties. Jackson needs 50 votes to pass the Senate confirmation – and it seems unlikely that she won’t get those votes.

Even if moderate liberal Democratic Senator Joe Manchin stands in her way – which he has not said he would – she could easily win over fake Republicans like Senator Mitt Romney.

The only saving grace of Jackson’s appointment is that the Supreme Court still has a conservative majority – and Breyer is a liberal. It means that Jackson won’t change the tilt of the ideological balance of the course, but she could still influence decisions on contentious, divisive issues.

At the end of the day, should any far-left extremist be allowed to make decisions that will determine the future of the United States?

Probably not…

According to Doug Jones, Jackson has so far impressed the senators she has met.

“As senators on both sides of the aisle have underlined publicly, she brings unquestionable credentials to the table, and it’s been a pleasure to hear her articulate her approach to cases which, like retired conservative judges have observed, is rooted solely in facts and the law,” he said.

Let’s hope that’s true.