Supreme Court Halts Texas Execution

( The Supreme Court granted a stay for the execution of John Ramirez on Wednesday, the same day that he was expected to be executed. It came after a request was made for a pastor to place his hands on the murderer as he dies.

The Court stepped in to grant Ramirez, a murderer who was convicted in 2008 of stabbing Pablo Castro to death during a robbery in 2004, his wish to be in the presence of a pastor when he is finally executed.

Ramirez stabbed Castro 29 times and stole $1.25 from his pocket outside of a Corpus Christi supermarket. The tragic and senseless murder hit headlines all over the country, and his execution has been long awaited by many.

However, Ramirez has spent the last decade fighting repeatedly to stop the execution from going ahead. He was first set to be executed for his heinous crime in 2017, but a Texas federal court stayed that execution. It was then rescheduled for September last year, but COVID-19 delayed that data again.

Reports suggest that Ramirez maintained a friendship with Pastor Dana Moore of the Second Baptist Church in Corpus Christi during his time in prison, and asked authorities if the pastor could be by his side when he is executed.

The office of the Texas Attorney General granted the wish, stating that state policy allows for a pastor to pray out loud with him for as long as two hours right before his execution.

At first, Ramirez’s request for the pastor to attend his execution was denied by a federal judge, and the decision was later upheld by the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, before Ramirez’s attorney appealed to the Supreme Court.

Had the Supreme Court not granted the stay, he would have been executed at 6 pm on Wednesday.

This murderer will now get his wish and his execution has once again been delayed.