Supposedly “Deleted” Hunter Biden Evidence Found

( The source who distributed Hunter Biden’s laptop among the media and US lawmakers has fled the United States for Switzerland, saying he fears retaliation from the Biden administration.

In an exclusive report at the UK Daily Mail, Jack Maxey, who provided a copy of Hunter’s abandoned laptop to the Mail in the spring of 2021, said he also gave copies and material to the Washington Post, the New York Times, and to Republican Senator Chuck Grassley.

Maxey told the Mail that these outlets and Senator Grassley sat on the information for months. So for the last few weeks, Maxey said he has been working with IT experts to try and extract more data from Hunter’s hard drive.

Maxey claims that with the help of these IT experts, he has found 450GB of deleted material, including 80,000 images and videos and over 120,000 archived emails. He plans to post all of the recovered material online in a searchable database.

However, New York Post writer Miranda Devine, the author of the book “Laptop from Hell,” is doubtful of Maxey’s claims.

Devine pointed out on Friday that the hard drive for Hunter’s laptop only contained 256GB of storage, making it impossible to recover 450GB of deleted material. Devine explained that the data wasn’t compressed and the hard drive had not been upgraded.

Devine conceded that it is possible the 450GB of data Maxey is talking about may have been retrieved from iCloud storage and not from the hard drive itself.

Maxey also told the Daily Mail that after he distributed copies of Hunter’s hard drive, a black SUV showed up outside of his house, and the former intel officers with whom he shared copies told him they received “strange calls.”

He claimed that one former intel senior staffer warned Maxey to release as much of the data as he could as quickly as he could, otherwise “you’re a dead man.” Maxey told the Mail he took the advice and in October 2020 posted emails and other files to file-sharing sites. According to Maxey, after an hour the links he posted were removed.

Maxey also accused the “Five Eyes” intelligence countries of being behind the effort to stop him from sharing the data.

The Daily Mail notes that they have been unable to verify Maxey’s claims.