“Suicide” Bomb Alert Was Issued Hours Before It Happened

(PresidentialWire.com)- In the early hours Thursday, not long before the multiple bombings near the airport in Kabul in which thirteen US servicemen were killed, the US Embassy in Afghanistan issued an alert warning US citizens currently at the gates of the airport to leave immediately due to “security threats.”

Then shortly after ten in the morning EDT, a blast struck near the Abbey gate of the airport. The explosion was caused by a suicide bomber in an explosive vest. That was followed by another blast when a car bomb went off near the Baron Hotel just outside of the airport.

The total death toll stands at over 180 — including one Navy corpsman, ten Marines and two Army soldiers.

The terror group ISIS-K claimed responsibility for Thursday’s bombings.

While the administration was quick to describe this Afghanistan-based ISIS group as being the “mortal enemies” of the Taliban, this terrorist attack could not have happened but for the Taliban. Thousands of ISIS-K terrorists were held prisoner at Bagram air base. But when the Taliban swept in, they freed the terrorists.

Around the airport in Kabul, the Taliban, which are effectively blockading the airport, have set up multiple checkpoints. The question remains, how did a terrorist wearing a suicide vet containing far more explosive than usual manage to get past these checkpoints?

The US is currently relying on the Taliban to provide “security” around the airport. So much so that it was reported later on Thursday that US officials provided the Taliban with lists containing the names of Americans and Afghan allies who should be permitted through the Taliban checkpoints.

They handed the Taliban a veritable hitlist.

Thursday evening, radio host and former Marine Afghan vet Jesse Kelly excoriated the Biden Administration over the deaths of thirteen servicemen.

Early Saturday (Friday night in US), the US Embassy issued another alert telling US citizens to avoid the Kabul airport and surrounding gates, again, due to “security threats.” It instructed US citizens currently at the airport gates to leave immediately.

This near-identical alert could signal that yet another terror attack on the airport is imminent.

Less than 48-hours after Thursday’s attack, A US drone reportedly targeted and killed the purported “planner” of the airport bombings. According to US CENTCOM, the unmanned airstrike occurred in the Nangarhar Province in eastern Afghanistan.