Student Walkouts Are Linked To Democrat Funding

( A purportedly student-run organization that organized school walkouts across Virginia is sponsored by Democratic donors and appears to collaborate with other “student-led” organizations that organize pro-abortion and pro-gun control marches.

To protest Republican Governor Glenn Youngkin’s revised model policies for handling transgender kids, approximately 100 walkouts were organized across Virginia by the Pride Liberation Project, a purportedly “student-run” organization. According to the regulation, teachers are required to let parents know if a child’s gender identity appears to be changing at school. Although the Youngkin administration said that the amended policy is well-liked by constituents, students protesting the modified guidance branded it “anti-Queer.”

Youngkin’s spokeswoman Macaulay Porter said that just 10% of school districts have implemented the previous administration’s transgender guidelines, and that students who are protesting the new guidance are misinterpreting its intentions.

The policies make it clear that schools will comply with requests from students and their families when parents are involved in the decision-making process. It’s important for parents to be involved in their kids’ lives, and it’s clear from the public demonstrations and on-camera interviews that those who are against the advice already talk to their parents about it, Porter said. While students are exercising their right to free expression today, it should be noted that these policies stipulate that students should be treated kindly and that bullying and harassment have no place in schools.

The Democratic donation site “ActBlue” appears to have contributed money to the Pride Liberation Project’s protests and lobbying efforts, at least in part. According to an ongoing contribution drive, the Democrat-backed organization finances the purportedly student-led lobbying activities.

Legislators are currently discussing regulations that restrict LGBTQIA+ students’ fundamental rights. The donation drive claims that politicians “are ready to turn back Virginia’s advances, from a restroom and Queer literature ban to reduced protections for Queer students.”

An attribution at the site’s bottom states that students did not construct the Pride Liberation Project website. Z2B Media, which is run by Tyler J.D. Begley, an anti-Israel activist who publicly supports the Pride Liberation Project on his social media accounts, donated the website.

According to the organization’s State Corporation Commission (SCC) application, Aaryan Rawal, a former Fairfax County Public School student and current Harvard freshman, founded the Pride Liberation Project in August 2021. The group’s “directors” changed to two high school kids about the time Rawal started attending Harvard in late August 2022.

Rawal’s advocacy in high school is not just focused on the Pride Liberation Project. Additionally, he was a lobbyist for “Team ENOUGH,” a Virginia-based organization with connections to Democratic-backed initiatives like President Joe Biden’s Build Back Better legislation and a focus on statewide gun regulation. In addition to working as a legislative assistant for Democratic Senator Sen. Scott Surovell, Rawal had two op-eds published in The Washington Post.