STILL WINNING: Hungary Signs !1 Billion Missile Contract with the U.S.

( Remember how President Donald Trump said that people are going to get tired of winning so much when he becomes president? Well, in just one week, he announced an historic peace deal between Israel and the United Arab Emirates – a deal that Obama and Biden tried and failed to achieve – as well as a massive $1 billion missile contract with Hungary.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has agreed to purchase $1 billion in missiles from the United States in which will be the biggest arms deal ever between the two nations.

David Cornstein, the United States Ambassador to Hungary, signed a memorandum along with Hungarian Defence Minister Tibor Benko earlier this week, in which the countries agree to a transaction of a number of medium-range AMRAAM missiles. The missiles will be manufactured by one of the biggest arms manufacturers in the United States, Raytheon.

Cornstein said that the missiles will be used to replace Hungary’s existing missiles that have been used since Hungary was still ruled by communists. It will be a significant boost to Hungary’s defense, and a great cash boost for the United States government.

The United States and Hungary have enjoyed a positive relationship since President Trump was elected in 2016. Orban suffers the same kind of media attention as President Trump, with many left-wing outlets labeling him racist for his populist policies that put the interests of the people of Hungary first.

“Viktor Orban has done a tremendous job in so many ways. He’s highly respected, respected all over Europe,” President Trump said earlier this year during Orban’s visit to the White House. “Probably like me a little bit controversial, but that’s OK. That’s OK. You’ve done a good job. And you’ve kept your country safe,” he said, turning to Orban who was set next to him during a press briefing.

During the May visit, Orban told the press that President Trump “knew everything about Hungary that he had to” and that their goal was to “establish good co-operation between Hungary and the United States.”

The news of this massive arms deal is a result of the building of this relationship, and it comes in the same week not just as the UAE-Israel agreement, but as a speech made by the President of Taiwan that tied between the country and the United States have never been closer.

It looks like Trump is doing a great job on international relations. Remember when the Democrats told us that he’d isolate us from the rest of the world?