Steve Bannon Humiliates Mitt Romney, Exposes Him!

( Over the weekend, Senator Mitt Romney (RINO-UT) broke with Republicans and agreed to appear on Jake Tapper’s CNN Sunday show “State of the Union.” Hardly surprising as Mitt Romney and Jake Tapper are often in simpatico.

In addition to discussing Nancy Pelosi announcing the Select Committee to investigate the three-hour melee at the Capitol on January 6, Tapper used Romney to perpetrate his claim that questioning the 2020 election results is “The Big Lie.”

Romney claimed that the “bombast” surrounding the claims of election fraud are “going to go nowhere,” asserting that Biden won, and the 2020 election was over and “it was fair.”

But he wasn’t finished. Romney then scoffed at former President Trump’s accusations of voter fraud. He pointed out that Trump’s “sources of information” about fraud didn’t come from the intelligence community or the DOJ, but instead from “the My Pillow guy” and Rudy Giuliani.

Mitt Romney has always been the type of man who happily attacks the same people who are targets of the American corporate news media. Like a desperate hanger-on who wants to be liked, Romney can always be counted on to parrot the media’s talking points.

Which is exactly why Jake Tapper is happy to invite him on his show.

On Monday, The War Room host Steve Bannon opened his show by hitting back at useful idiot Romney.

Slamming Romney as a draft dodger, Bannon accused the Utah Senator of hiding behind his Mormon faith to avoid serving in the military. He pointed out that his sons, like Romney, have also avoided military service.

Then Bannon said Romney is like the rest of the elites. “They talk a big game,” Bannon said. But then “they deride patriots.” Bannon said the people fighting in Arizona “have more patriotism and grit and dedication to this country” than the entire Romney family.

Bannon then turned his attention to Romney’s derisive comment about Rudy Giuliani, saying to the Senator “Sir, Rudy Giuliani has more patriotism in his finger than you have in all your family lineage.”

Watch Bannon’s segment HERE.