State Dep. Officials Ordered To Stand Down From Investigating Wuhan Lab

( A shocking new report from Vanity Fair revealed how State Department officials were told not to investigate the possibility that the COVID-19 virus leaked from a Wuhan, China, laboratory – even when evidence piled up suggesting that it was precisely what had happened.

The report referenced whistleblowers from the State Department who said that staffers were warned against getting involved with any investigation into the Wuhan Institute of Virology, with bosses from within the department claiming that looking into the possibility that it leaked from the lab would “open a can of worms.”

Thomas DiNanno, who was the acting secretary to Arms Control, Verification and Compliance at the time, reportedly said that the warnings being sent to staffers within the State Department sound like a cover-up.

Vanity Fair cited their months-long investigation into the issue and said that they had interviewed over 40 people, reviewed hundreds of pages of documents from the United States government, including meeting minutes and emails, and found that there were several conflicts of interest that related to government grants that supported Gain of Function research in China.

The fact that this is coming from Vanity Fair – a decidedly left-wing magazine – means something. Naturally, this would never have happened under the Trump administration, but now that Biden is in the White House, left-wing rags like Vanity Fair aren’t afraid to pursue the truth. And it turns out that Trump might have been right about the lab leak theory all along.

Vanity Fair revealed how the United States granted hundreds of thousands of dollars to an organization named EcoHealth which in turn provided funding for Gain of Function research in Wuhan.

The “can of worms” reference came from a memo obtained by Vanity Fair from Thomas DiNanno who said that staff from two bureaus, including his own, were urged not to get involved and pursue the theory.

This is a long piece that is the result of a lot of research, and is well worth a read.

But it just begs the question…how long would the media have sat on this had President Trump been elected in November last year?

And how deep does this corruption go?